Wellsprings Workshops and Retreats

2018 Wellsprings Practitioner Training
with Gael Rosewood and Robert Litman
Module 1: Foundations of Continuum, June 11-24, 2018
Module 2: Practitioner Training, June 26 - July 1, 2018
Module 3: Teacher Practicum, October 8-13, 2018

This year's 3 module training is designed to meet the needs of those who want to go further into the practice of Continuum. This coherent presentation of Continuum's values, principles, and modalities is an excellent grounding for those exploring the possibility of becoming a Continuum teacher. Health practitioners will learn how to weave Continuum philosophy and practice into their field of expertise. And the 2 weeks of personal practice establishes life skills never to be forgotten. For more information visit the description of this training by clicking here.

Robert at 206-707-1639 robert@thebreathablebody.com or Gael at 206-567-0018 gaelrosewood@gmail.com

Journey into the Mystery: Portals to Resonance
with Robert Litman and Carole Burstein
July 19-23 2018, Kihei Maui HI, PDF FLYER

What guides us in our relationships, our decision making, our dance with emotions, judgments, time management, our motivations for how to meet whatever life brings us? How can we participate with the Breath that Breathes us to best serve our life purpose and its essential frequency?

Whether through suffering from our own archaic survival skills, ancestral entanglements, or other factors, this incarnation invites us to join with Divine Love to create a more heavenly earthwalk for ourselves and those whose paths we cross. This old encoding, reinforced by family, culture and history, carries both our wounding and serves as our labyrinth to freedom.

Using Journey into the Mystery skills we can meet the aspects of ourselves still wed to the insidious conditioning of "good / bad / right / wrong / success / failure / blame / shame / guilt / entitlements" and prove that we in fact are worthwhile and lovable. We enter through the portals of "daily stuff" into the Field of Resonance. Here, we discover the flow that beckons us to experience Life’s daily magic and miracles.

Contact: Robert 206-707-1639 robert@thebreathablebody.com or Carole 808-891-8662 cbaloha@gmail.com   

Entering the Invisible Garden: A Continuum Weekend
with Gael Rosewood
October 27-28 2018, Boulder CO, PDF FLYER

Continuum is a movement exploration that brings us back in touch with a form of listening, allowing and participating with an inner language of the body — an unfolding of sensations and movement impulses. Pure participation in the process of breathing, sounding and moving spontaneously helps relieve us of ideas, beliefs and cultural roles that inhibit the body’s desire for greater ease and more vitality. Eternal echoes of primordial wisdom blend with the Now while the vast orchestration of life feels as alive within as in the heavens.

This is a unique inquiry into integrating our human nature, animal nature and spiritual connection.

Contact: Heather Starsong, 303-449-6208, hstarsong@gmail.com   

Journey into the Mystery #10: Veils of Illusion
with Robert Litman and Carole Burstein
January 17-21 2019, Kihei Maui HI PDF FLYER

This workshop invites us to discover the veils upon illusory veils, unconsciously woven into assumptive beliefs, that protect us from what are not ready to know. What seems in one moment to be an unquestionable life "given" can later reveal itself to be a perspective skewed to insure our survival. Each illusory veil can become a reflective portal that reveal hidden assumptions about life, and our place in it.

The construction of these “veils of illusion” is not pathology; it is the way our species survives. Only when we attain a certain critical mass of comfort, safety and resources in the world, can we begin to challenge, examine and explore the tenets that have unconsciously run our lives.

Come journey with us through the portal of paradigm shifting where we delve into the Mystery of truths and illusions that underlie the foundations of Being.

Contact: Robert 206-707-1639 robert@thebreathablebody.com or Carole 808-891-8662 cbaloha@gmail.com   

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