This is a collection of different materials by ourselves and others that we feel are both useful and illuminating.
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Friends of Continuum Wellsprings

Continuum Montage
Susan Harper is a valued supporter and contributor to Continuum Wellsprings, you can look here for more information about her activities.

Continuum Movement
Look here for more information about Emilie Conrad's organization, her many teachers, and their continued efforts to share Continuum with the world.

Continuum Movement Arts
A beautiful collection of the many different ways people are expressing their Continuum practice through movement and art.

Moving Body Resources
A unique space in the heart of NYC inspired by Continuum and supporting programs and teachers around the world.


Engaging the Movement of Life:
Exploring Health & Embodiment through Osteopathy & Continuum

by Bonnie Gintis, D.O.

Continuum within our Cultural Context
by Gael Rosewood

The Breathable Body
by Robert Litman

The Ageless Body
by Sharon Weil

Experiencing Osteopathy Through Continuum Movement
by Bonnie Gintis, D.O.

What is Continuum?
by Cherionna Menzam-Sills

The Tao of Exercise and Self-Care
by Gael Rosewood and Robert Litman

A Continuum Experience: Trusting the Field
by Cherionna Menzam-Sills

Rolfing and the Buteyko Breathing Method
by Robert Litman and Helen Luce

A Rolfer's Response to Gracovetsky: "Natural Walking" Revisited
by Gael Rosewood and David Clark (PAUSED)

Memories of Training with Ida Rolf
An Interview with Gael Rosewood and Sharon Wheeler


Walking Meditation: Structural Awareness for Walking
by Gael Rosewood

The Intimacy of Breathing
by Robert Litman

The Breathable Body

A conversation with Robert Litman and Sharon Weil

The Anatomy of Anxiety
More from Robert Litman and Sharon Weil


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