Summer of 2018
Continuum Wellsprings Training
Robert Litman and Gael Rosewood
Vashon Island, WA
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Wellsprings Practitioner Training

with Robert Litman and Gael Rosewood
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As a response to the enormous health challenges we face today, Continuum Wellsprings offers the Wellsprings Training Program.

In looking at the state of health in our society today:

  • The impact of environmental pollution and toxicity
  • Electro-magnetic distortions
  • Accelerating cost of health care and medication
  • Ramifications of our sedentary work and lifestyles
  • Societal upheavals

We are being asked to discover new ways of implementing and sustaining health.

Continuum Wellsprings offers opportunities to move beyond all current health models, examining the dynamics of trauma and what’s needed for vibrant and alive self-expression.

Health practitioners know that non-responsive tissue represents a self-limiting stance and will determine the paucity or amplitude of available nourishment.  This is a determining factor in one’s state of health.  In the Wellsprings program we will look at how the body thrives on the constant stream of self-nourishment, i.e., the “flow of information” which is manifest through the arrangements of fluid molecules as expressed in our cells and connective tissues.

The goal of this training is to offer aspects of Continuum Wellsprings especially designed for those who are dedicated to the Art of Health.

  • The sound streams that have been developed in Continuum over the past forty years have been consolidated, to address the most salient issues of client concern.  The various uses of sound and the understanding of the appropriateness of application will be thoroughly taught and mentored.
  • Breath and tissue structure cannot be separated.  Tissue structure will accommodate various adaptive strategies that then stifle and limit the ability of breath to “move”.  Adaptive patterns are styled into our breath maintaining shock and trauma over a lifetime.  We believe it is naïve
    "The 'body' is a profound orchestration of many qualities and the textures of movement - interpenetrating tones of fertile play waiting to be incubated.. We inhabit a sea of intelligent life beckoning us to enter."
    - Emilie Conrad
    to impose breathing exercises on anyone without liberating the underlying inhibiting tissue structure. Breathing explorations in Continuum Wellsprings are designed to enhance awareness of the movement and sensations of breath throughout the body. Continuum Wellsprings Anatomy teaches and explores this complex network as well as the physiology of respiration.
  • We will engage with ourselves as an extension of billions of years of planetary process, providing us with an ability to encompass rich and varied probabilities and outcomes not currently realized.
  • We will learn through our own body experience the implications of varied “holding patterns” and their application to client concerns.
  • Pre and post-natal adaptive patterns maintain the basic imprint of an organism’s engagement with life, and manifest in tissue structure and breath.
  • Pre and post care as a result of cancer treatment, neuromuscular compromises, stroke, cranial disorders, respiratory – cardiac challenges, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and auto-immune disorders live on within the body’s pattern after the event.
  • Continuum Wellsprings principles will be taught so that participants can integrate the Wellsprings approach into their private practice and for the enhancement of client treatment outcomes.
  • Wellsprings participants will learn how:
    - Differentiating tissue will create a higher order of function due to an increase in the flow of information, in the mutability and permeability of tissue and in respiratory and nutritional delivery.
    - To coach their clients and develop appropriate sequences that encourages the client to discover their own healing abilities.
  • Giving yourself three weeks of Continuum exploration is a rare, life changing meeting with self in today’s pace of life.


This training will be held on the beautiful, restorative, quiet and uplifting Vashon Island in Washington state. With abundant fresh air, trees, forest paths and water views, it is an ideal place to resonate with nature and is located in a setting of friendly, easy, small town living.

Please contact Robert at for more information about the venue, accommodations, and travel.


1. 50 hrs of Continuum experience (either at workshops or in private sessions)
2. Completion of the application
3. Completion of the required readings


The total tuition is $2700. This does not include lodging or meals. Upon acceptance, a $1500 deposit is required to hold your space. This fee is non-refundable after March 1, 2018. The balance of $1200 is due on April 15, 2018.



Note: The Continuum Wellsprings certificate does not authorize an individual as a Continuum teacher. Although these hours may be used as Continuing Education credit with many organizations, such as NCBTMB and ISMETA as well as preparation for the Continuum teacher training.

Upon completion of the entire program your contact information will be listed on the Continuum Wellsprings website.


Application will be posted here once the dates for the retreat are confirmed, all the instructions are included in the document.

Note: We will only be accepting a maximum of 15 applicants.


Participants are encouraged to establish and maintain a peer group for the exchange of information and experiences, through email or yearly meetings.


Articles and Videos in the resources section of our website.
Life on Land by Emilie Conrad
Engaging the Movement of Life by Bonnie Gintis
The Buteyko Method and the Carbon Dioxide Syndrome
by Jennifer Stark and Russell Stark
Sensitive Chaos: The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air
by Theodor Schwenk
Job’s Body by Deanne Juhan
Anatomy of Breathing by Blandine Calais-Germain


Dates: TBA
Daily schedule: 9 am - 1 pm and 4 - 6pm with one day off

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